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The wash you love is about to get even better!

Your existing The Wave Car Wash membership will continue, now with these added benefits:

Wash Club

Member exclusive discounts, giveaways & events. Plus air fresheners and swag like tumblers, microfiber towels and more!

Clean Car

New touchless prep process, and focus on wash sealants and protectants.  Plus, with Whistle's Sparkle Assurance, every wash is a guaranteed win!

Better Experience

Treat your sense by embracing enhanced tunnel lighting, foam and fragrance.  Air fresheners are coming back better than ever!

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Whistle Express’ Sparkle Assurance
is a guaranteed win!

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Every wash includes:

  • A 3 minute wash with newly enhanced touchless prep.
  • Quality applications and sealants to clean, protect, and shine.
  • Free vacuums, towels, cleaners, and floor mat stations.
  • Use of an eco-friendly water system that reduces and reuses.

Let us know if you aren’t satisfied with your level of clean and we will wash it again before you leave!