A win that doesn't require extra brain power, elbow grease,
or room on the calendar. Something that puts a pep in your step and amplifies life's other happy moments too. Whistle Express likes to ask, what if a win was just a car wash away? All you have to do is pull up. Sit back. And let the sights, sounds and aromas transport you to a fresh state of mind.

With more than 100 locations and counting in nine states throughout the Midwest and Southeast, Whistle Express is driven to innovate, investing in technology to further improve sustainability and enhance customer experience through digital automation, relationship management, and e-commerce solutions.


Whistle Express Car Wash, formerly known as Magnolia Wash Holdings, was founded in 2016 by Frank Bennett and Brooks Moye. These two founders joined together Camel Premium Express Car Wash and The Wave Car Wash, two strong express car wash brands in the Southeastern US. As Magnolia grew, Whistle Express was born as the embodiment of Magnolia's vision for a best-in-class customer wash experience. Jose Costa, formerly of Driven Brands, and Bojangles' Chief Growth Officer, joined as CEO in the Spring of 2022. Under Jose's leadership, a new era of growth and opportunity for Whistle Express Car Wash is shining brighter than ever for our associates and the communities where we operate.

Working with Whistle Express Car Wash is a great choice as a long-term home for your current people. We offer benefits to all full-time employees, including the potential for stock ownership. We value and facilitate many avenues of growth including:

    • Operations
    • Maintenance
    • Customer service
    • Marketing finance
    • And more

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Go green!

Our mission is to clean your car while protecting the environment.


Enjoy a professional car wash with the environment in mind. Our water reclamation systems recycle 85% of the water consumed in a wash.

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State-of-the-art technology significantly reduces the amount of water used in each wash by 91% over the average home wash.

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We're committed to protecting our environment by using only eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals and eliminating runoff.

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