Whistle Express to Make a Splash in Punta Gorda

Grand opening will include exclusive promotions, Kona Ice, a ribbon cutting and more

PUNTA GORDA, FL (May 7, 2024) Whistle Express, a car wash committed to providing all customers with a premium wash experience through technology and innovation, will open its doors in Punta Gorda, Florida this Friday. The new wash is located at 27510 Bermont Road.

Community members are invited to join in the festivities on Friday, May 10 at 11 a.m. when the car wash will host a ribbon cutting. Drivers will also enjoy the chance to buy a wash and get the next 30 days free as part of the celebration. A Kona Ice food truck will be at the event from 12 – 3 p.m. to beat the heat and enjoy a sweet treat.

“There’s just something about driving around in a clean car that makes everyone feel on top of the world,” said Garrison Miller, Regional Vice President, West Territory. “We believe everyone deserves those small wins, and our team is ready to deliver that feeling of victory to Punta Gorda drivers.”

Each Whistle Express wash is designed to clean, shine, and protect vehicles by offering a quick service experience that’s a cut above the rest. Leveraging the latest and most effective tunnel equipment, Whistle Express gets a car squeaky clean in under three minutes, and provides customers with free high-powered vacuums, air nozzles, spray cleaners and clean microfiber towels to ensure each auto sparkles inside and out. Add affordable and effective protective treatments to any standard wash to maintain each clean and protect the car from bugs, pollen, and other elements. Whistle Express’ innovative technology also reclaims up to 85 percent of water used during a wash and uses an average of 91 percent less water than a standard at-home wash.

The car wash industry is undergoing rapid consolidation as investors see opportunities to take what has historically been a fragmented business comprised of thousands of independent operators and offer customers a more consistent, elevated experience. Whistle Express has grown to become the 10th-largest car wash operator in America, with plans to more than double its size in the next couple years.

About Whistle Express

With more than 120 locations and counting, Whistle Express leverages technology and innovation to deliver a premium experience that saves customers time, money—and their car’s paint job. Customers can take advantage of the brand’s Unlimited Wash Club Membership Program, plus free supplies and amenities including microfiber towels, vacuums, and mat cleaning stations, to save money while getting their cars squeaky clean. The Charlotte-based company is committed to giving back to each local community it serves, while also protecting the environment. For more information, visit www.whistleexpresscarwash.com.


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