Whistle Express Car Wash Launches Across the Midwest and Southeast

Magnolia Wash Holdings unites more than 100 express car washes and counting under one brand focused on modernizing customer experience

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11 Dec, 2023, 20:15 ET  


Magnolia Wash Holdings is now Whistle Express Car Wash, unifying more than 100 car wash locations from a variety of local and regional chains and independent operators under one cohesive brand, offering customers an elevated wash experience, no matter where their travels take them within the company's nine-state footprint.

Whistle Express is currently the 10th largest car wash brand in the country, but with an aggressive growth plan that will add up to 50 additional locations in 2024—funded by a recent investment by funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.—CEO Jose Costa plans to climb the rankings quickly. The move to consolidate under one name stems from a desire to create consistency among the brand's extensive network of car washes, many of which were locally owned and operated with a very loyal fan base. Costa, who spent time at Bojangles Restaurants, Inc., and Driven Brands prior to taking the helm at Magnolia Wash Holdings in May 2022, said the efficiency and affordable membership structure appeal to the growing number of consumers who take pride in meticulously maintaining one of the largest investments they'll make in their lifetime.

Now, all 200,000 of the brand's Unlimited Wash Club members can leverage their memberships at any location, ensuring a consistent, top-notch wash experience anytime, anywhere. The brand is committed to reinventing the consumer experience through technology and innovation that take the utmost care of our customers' vehicles. From a gentle, touchless prep process to top-tier application of products designed to clean and protect, each trip through Whistle's was tunnel leave cars sparkling and spotless.

"The feeling of driving around in a clean car is a little win that can brighten any day, and Whistle Express makes those little wins quick, easy, and affordable," said Costa. "Wherever they may find themselves, our customers will come to know that the Whistle Express brand is synonymous with quality and efficiency."

In addition to competitive membership pricing, customers can expect a multi-sensory experience including in-tunnel lights and uplifting scents that offer a brief escape from the every day. Drivers can also take advantage of free self-vacuum stations, floor mat cleaning machines, towels and sprays, all of which deliver a seamless wash experience resulting in high-level shine. Whistle Express locations will also use state-of-the-art technology that reclaims 85 percent of the water used in a wash and uses 91 percent less water when compared to a home wash.

About Whistle Express Car Wash

With more than 105 locations and counting, Whistle Express leverages technology and innovation to deliver a premium experience that saves customers time, money—and their car's paint job. Customers can take advantage of the brand's Unlimited Wash Club Membership Program, plus free supplies and amenities to save money while getting their cars squeaky clean, while Whistle's Sparkle Assurance means all customers drive away satisfied. The Charlotte-based company is committed to giving back to each local community it serves, while also protecting the environment.

For more information, visit www.whistleexpresscarwash.com.

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