Whistle Express Car Wash Revolutionizes Wash Experience with Systemwide Launch of the Whistle App Technology, Premium Chemical and Updated Signage 

Rapidly growing car wash brand streamlines access to its mobile app, updates customer journey signage and announces Whistle exclusive chemical Diamond Plus by Graphene  

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (July 10, 2024) – Whistle Express Car Wash, a leading brand in the car wash industry, today announced transformative updates, both onsite and digital, to enhance its customer experience from start to finish. Starting with a state-of-the-art mobile app that will allow members access across all 150+ locations and including a new curb-to-curb signage package and new package options to enhance each wash, these new updates are a leap forward in Whistle’s ongoing pursuit to improve the customer experience.   

“Our goal at Whistle is to make the experience easier on the customer, so this marks a significant stride forward as we unveil updates aimed at redefining the car wash experience,” said Jose Costa, CEO of Whistle Express. “With enhanced app integration, the introduction of our new chemical line: Diamond Plus and our revamped signage, we are committed to delivering unparalleled convenience, quality and innovation to our loyal members across our growing footprint.”  

Whistle App Launch 

With the updated Whistle app, customers can now access and manage their membership across all Whistle Express locations. The Whistle app also introduces the enhanced loyalty program, "Whistle Rewards," allowing customers to earn redeemable points such as credits for memberships, wash packages and add-ons. Its improved interface includes secure in-app payments and a real-time location finder at over 150 locations across the Midwest and Southeast. It offers family plans, wash books for savings and exclusive promotions and discounts. Members receive an exclusive offer to join the new Whistle Rewards loyalty program, with special promotions and discounts available through the Whistle app. To celebrate, drivers who download the Whistle app receive 100 bonus points, and later this summer, users can spin a daily “reward wheel” for more points. 

New Chemical Line: Diamond Plus  

Complementing the Whistle app updates, Whistle Express is introducing a new line of premium mix chemicals designed to protect car paint from external elements. Launching under the name “Diamond Plus Powered by Rain-X® Graphene” and complementary with Whistle’s “Better” and “Best” washes, this advanced chemical formulation ensures a superior clean, offering unparalleled protection and shine for vehicles. Developed by the renowned brand Rain-X, the graphene layer creates a durable shield that repels water, resists dust, and dirt accumulation, resulting in a cleaner, shinier surface and enhanced color intensity.  

New Customer Journey Signage  

Whistle Express also unveiled new customer journey signage designed to enhance the overall wash experience. The updated signage provides clear, easy-to-follow directions and highlights key services, ensuring a seamless and efficient visit. Featuring modern graphics and concise instructions, the new signs aim to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the car wash process from beginning to end.  

 Whistle Express is revolutionizing the car wash category with competitive membership pricing, easy-to-use technology and menu boards, along with free self-vacuum stations, floor mat-cleaning machines, and towels and sprays – all of which deliver a seamless wash experience, resulting in a spectacular clean. All locations use state-of-the-art technology that reclaims 85% of the water used in a wash and uses 91% less water when compared with a home wash. Customers can also add affordable and effective treatments – like Rain-X® rain repellent for windshields or Armor All® protectants and sealants – to extend the life of their car’s exterior and protect against bugs, pollen and other elements. 

To download the Whistle Express app and unlock seamless access to all locations, visit the official Whistle Express website or find it on your preferred app store. 


About Whistle Express  

With more than 150 locations and counting, Whistle Express leverages technology and innovation to deliver a premium experience that saves customers time, money – and their car’s paint job. Customers can take advantage of the brand’s Unlimited Wash Club Membership Program, plus free supplies and amenities including microfiber towels, vacuums and mat-cleaning stations, to save money while getting their cars squeaky clean. Last year, the Charlotte-based company received a majority investment from funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. to fuel its accelerated growth plan. For more information, visit www.whistleexpresscarwash.com. 

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